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Research correspondence

In roughly chronological order, starting with Nancy Tait's interactions with and concerning the Asbestos Information Committee (AIC).

Tait's asbestos research began as a quest for convincing answers regarding the death of her husband William Ashton Tait, who died of mesothelioma in 1968.

Comparatively little material from the early years (1969-1978) of Tait's investigations survives. Gaps include:

  • Tait's systematic study, begun in 1972, of the state of knowledge regarding the health risks of asbestos, resulting in her publication of 'Asbestos kills' (1976)
  • Tait's application for the Churchill fellowship, awarded to her early in 1976, and correspondence relating to her extensive travels in Europe in 1976
  • growing out of this, correspondence and papers documenting Tait's work with the Study Group on Asbestos of the Economic and Social Committee of the EEC (Section for Protection of the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Affairs) from 1977; much of this, including Nancy Tait's correspondence with Petra Kelly 1976-1981, can be consulted in the Petra Kelly Archive, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin

Solicitors and legal scholars

From the early 1980s, Nancy Tait maintained very active contacts with a number of solicitors and legal scholars, discussing legal technicalities, news and developments. The resulting body of correspondence mostly accumulated by surname and/or name of law firm and occasionally by the topic under discussion.

For a separate series of solicitors' correspondence, mainly concerning enquiries, see the link below.

OEDA press archive

OEDA created dedicated press coverage files, the largest of them a multi-volume series of press cuttings 1976-2007. This is followed by smaller aggregations.

More press coverage can be found throughout the OEDA papers. In the early years the charity monitored the anglophone press (chiefly British national dailies, but also trades magazines and local papers) for information with potential relevance for its mission, and continued to gather news reports until 2006. Some press cuttings came to OEDA from asbestos activists, personal injury lawyers, and well-wishers. Through its international network, OEDA also received media reports from North America, sporadically also from Australia and South Africa.

Some of these holdings are catalogued in the OEDA collection of printed material (see link below), among them incomplete sets of the following titles:

  • ‘Engineering Safety’ July 1970-March 1978
  • ‘Caution magazine’ vol 7.5 (1981) – vol 12.1 (1986)
  • 'Safety practitioner' May + June 1985 and ‘Safety & health practitioner’ May 1991-June 1994 (both Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)
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