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OEDA (William Ashton Tait) Archives
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Obituaries of Nancy Tait

Obituaries of Nancy Tait collected by her colleague and friend Joan Griffiths. Further includes:correspondence between Nancy Tait and British Rail over her ticket, 1975, illustrating her tenaciousnessJoan Griffiths' compilation on Nancy Tait&...

OEDA (William Ashton Tait) Archives

  • GB 249 OEDA
  • Collection
  • 1969-2009

early correspondence and papers relating to Nancy Tait’s fact-finding mission regarding asbestosminutes of meetings of the SPAID/OEDA Trustees, annual reports, strategic plansregisters and other finding aids for the extensive OEDA case file series...

Occupational and Environmental Diseases Association

Biographical and corporate documentation

Three series:materials relating specifically to Nancy Tait and her charitycorporate records including SPAID trustee correspondence, OEDA management committee correspondence and minutes of meetingsassessments of the organisation, business plans and...

Solicitors and legal scholars

From the early 1980s, Nancy Tait maintained very active contacts with a number of solicitors and legal scholars, discussing legal technicalities, news and developments. The resulting body of correspondence mostly accumulated by surname and/or name...

'Q-files' series

Correspondence and papers re SPAID / OEDA's response to occupational and environmental health enquiries. Predominantly concerning asbestos-related health issues.

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