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'Z files' series, 1998-2005

'Z files' were part of a new workflow for triaging queries on asbestos-related disease, implemented in the OEDA office from June 1998. The majority of Z-cases closed with a standard reply. However, a number of them grew into more substantial exchanges including coroner's and/or postmortem reports, clinicians' notes, and compensation and benefits claim information.

The workflow came with instructions on office procedures for processing 'First reports' to 'Z-cases'.

BBC South ‘First sight: a handful of dust', 16 March 1995

'Asbestos newsletter' reported on this programme: "This thirty minute documentary examined the on-going problem of asbestos in London schools, apartment and civic buildings. It highlighted the pioneering work of Mrs Nancy Tait, founder of SPAID (the Society for Prevention of Asbestosis and Industrial Diseases), who has been warning since 1982 of the mesothelioma epidemic only recently identified by British epidemiologist Professor Julian Peto. The program was followed by a one hour discussion and phone-in on local radio in which Mrs. Tait, Professor Peto and Nigel Bryson of the General Municipal and Boilermakers Union answered callers' queries and debated the issues raised. The radio 4 BBC series: Face the Facts broadcast a special forty minute program on March 4 which looked at the history of asbestos in the UK."

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