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‘Coronaries in Glasgow’
GB 249 OM/463/2/2/4 · Item · 1982
Part of Melvyn Howe papers

G. Melvyn Howe, ‘Coronaries in Glasgow’, in University of Strathclyde Gazette, 2nd Term (1982), pp.11-12. A two-page article by Howe forming part of an eight-page feature entitled 'Geography in the University', in which three members of departmental staff wrote about some of the local and international issues investigated within their research.

Apologia pro vita mea
GB 249 OM/463/3/3 · Item · 1982
Part of Melvyn Howe papers

Statement by Howe [possibly for circulation to colleagues in the Department of Geography?] indicating changes to his working pattern under the University of Strathclyde's Premature Retirement Compensation Scheme, which he entered on 1 October 1982. Under the scheme, Howe received a lump sum, his superannuation was augmented, and he accepted a contract to work on a 40 percent basis until his normal retirement age on 30 September 1985. The statement outlines his intention to continue as Professor of Geography and Head of Department, to continue teaching his courses on medical geography, the Soviet Union and regional analysis, and to continue supervising named postgraduate students, whilst devoting his 60 percent 'off duty' periods to increasing his research activity and publications.

GB 249 OM/463/2/2/1 · Item · 1966
Part of Melvyn Howe papers

G. Melvyn Howe, 'Aspects of a changing external environment', in Journal of the College of General Practitioners, vol.XII, Supplement no.1 (November 1966), pp.4-9. The supplement contains the published proceedings of a symposium on 'Health in a Changing Environment', held at Arthur Thomson Hall Medical School, Birmingham on 16 October 1965.

GB 249 OM/463/1/1/4 · Item · c. 1970s
Part of Melvyn Howe papers

Index cards containing handwritten notes for a talk to welcome first year students to the Department of Geography at the University of Strathclyde and introduce them to the subject and the course. Also includes two typed card notes for what appears to be a separate talk on the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to geography.

GB 249 OM/463/2/4/7 · Item · 9 and 12 December 1983
Part of Melvyn Howe papers

Correspondence concerning the lack of information about the forthcoming International Geographical Union Conference in Paris in August 1984, specifically the non-acknowledgement of paper submissions and the general lack of communication from the conference organisers. Howe is copied into this correspondence as Griffin had previously written to him about this matter [Griffin's letter to Howe is not extant].

GB 249 OM/463/2/4/5 · Item · [January] 1983
Part of Melvyn Howe papers

Seeking Howe's permission to reproduce a map of stomach cancer mortality in the UK, from Howe's Atlas of Disease Mortality, in a chapter he is writing for a forthcoming book entitled Diseases of the Gut and Pancreas. The copy letter is signed and dated by Howe, granting permission to reproduce the specified material.

Curriculum Vitae
GB 249 OM/463/3/1 · Item · 1966
Part of Melvyn Howe papers

Includes details of Howe's research interests, teaching and administrative responsibilities at University College of Wales, television appearances and publications up to 1966.

GB 249 OM/463/2/1/1 · Item · c. 1973
Part of Melvyn Howe papers

Typed draft (with handwritten insert) entitled 'The environment - influences and risk factors to health,' being chapter 1 of an unidentified book. This is possibly an early draft of G.M. Howe, 'The environment, its influences and hazards to health' in G.M. Howe and J.A. Loraine, eds, Environmental Medicine (London: William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd, 1973), pp.1-8.