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Annual reports

Reports by the managers to the trustees on the affairs and property of Anderson's Institution.

Anderson's College, Glasgow | Committee of Ordinary Managers


The ledgers include the following accounts: profit and loss, income, general expenditure, debts, rents, stock, university buildings, apparatus, library, museum, mechanics' library, medical library, furniture, Island of Shuna, cash, Bank of Scotland, Glasgow Union Bank, City of Glasgow, charges, law expenses, bursaries and prizes, interest, repairs, soiree, insurance and taxes, subscription, janitor, musical catalogue, fireproof apartment, feu duties, various laboratories, parliamentary expenses, chair of applied mechanics, medical faculty, dispensary, educational endowments scheme, geological lectureship. There are also accounts for various named individuals. The ledgers are indexed.

Anderson's College, Glasgow | Treasurer


The calendars contain: a history of the institution; lists of the trustees, managers, office bearers, professors, and members of the Popular Evening Classes Committee; details of foundations and bursaries; reports from the Young Chair of Technical Chemistry (from 1878); class syllabuses; the state of the institution's funds; prize lists; examination results and papers; numbers of students attending classes; tables showing the occupations and ages of students attending the Popular Evening Classes, 1872-1877.

Anderson's College, Glasgow | Secretary

Minutes of managers and trustees

Signed minutes of the proceedings of the meetings of the executors, ordinary managers and quarterly meetings of the trustees.

Anderson's College, Glasgow | Committee of Ordinary Managers

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