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Germany: Individual towns, cities, regions etc.
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'The Old Palace at Bamberg (the Out-Building)'
[Title repeated in German and French]
'Deutsche Renaissance-Architektur der Mitte und zweiten Hälfte des 16. Jahrhunderts'


From 'Hirth's Formenschatz / Practical Art Gallery'.


Bird's eye view of the town of Bardewick.

'Typus oppidi peruestusti Saxonum Bardewici suumptibus illustris et generosi Domini D. Henrici Ranzonij Producis umbrici ad condecorandum nunc Quintum Urbium tomum liberaliter transmissus est, Anno xpi MdXCV'
'Daniel Frese pinxit 1588'

Latin text on the reverse (p. 44).

Probably from Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg, 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum' (Cologne, 1589), part V, Latin edition (Koeman, 2, p. 22, B&H 5, No. 44).

Frese, Daniel, 1540-1611, painter, cartographer


'Haus G. Metzendorf in Bensheim'
'Georg Metzendorf - Bensheim'

From 'Moderne Bauformen', vol. [ ] (Julius Hoffmann Verlag, Stuttgart).

Metzendorf, Georg, b. 1874, architect and town planner


Two maps of Berlin mounted on one sheet.

  • 'Berlin et ses environs'; 'Dressé par A. Vuillemin'; 'Gravé par Erhard [... ] Paris'; 'Paris. Imp. Fraillery [... ]'; Alexandre Vuillemin; 39.8 x 8.1 cm; from 'Nouvelle Géographie Universelle, vol. 3, PI. X'
  • 'Berlin'; 'Drawn by W. B. Clarke. Arch[itect]'; 'Engraved & Printed by J. Henshall'; 'Published by Baldwin & Cradock 47 Paternoster Row Aug[us]t 1.1833'; 'Published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of useful Knowledge'; engraving; 37.5 x 29.6 cm on 41 x 33.5 cm sheet; [Society for the Diffusion [... ]: 'A series of maps, modern and ancient under the supervision of the Society [... ]' (London: Baldwin & Cradock, 1829-1835) (Library of Congress, 'Atlases', No. 753)]

Alexandre Vuillemin; J[ ] Henshall after W[ ] B[ ] Clarke.

Vuillemin, Alexandre, b. 1812, geographer and cartographer


Two plans, one perspective drawing, and four photographs mounted on one sheet, of turn of the century tenement blocks at Berlin.

Anon. [the plans and the drawing after Rudolf Eberstadt].


Two display boards and one illustration of the Greater Berlin Competition 1910.

Various authors.

From various unidentified publications.

Jansen, Herman, b. 1869, architect and town planner


Reproduction of a photograph showing the extension (1901) of the Wertheim department store (1896-97) at Leipziger Platz into Voss Straße by Alfred Messel.
'Retail Warehouse Wertheim'
'Lichtdruck Wilhelm Greve Berlin'

From 'Die Architektur des XX Jahrhunderts Zeitschrift für moderne Baukunst 1 (1901), pi. 54'

Messel, Alfred, 1853-1909, architect


Five photographs of notable buildings in and views of Berlin, mounted on one sheet.

  • 'Berlin. - Brandenburger Thor Pariser Platz'; 28.2 x 22 cm; endorsed '1717'
  • 'Berlin. - National Galerie und Friedrichsbrücke'; 28.2 x 22 cm; endorsed'1711'
  • 'Berlin. - Kőnigliche Bibliothex [sic]'; 28.2 x 22 cm; endorsed ’1894'
  • 'Berlin. - Unter den Linden'; 27.8 x 22 cm; endorsed'1723'
  • 'Berlin. - Alexander von Humboldt Denkmal'; 21.6 x 27.8 cm; endorsed '1735' 

'L.L.' [monogram]


Four maps and reproductions of maps of Berlin, and thirty reproductions of photographs of notable buildings at Berlin, plans and drawings of improvement proposals (mainly contributions to the 1910 Greater Berlin competition), mounted on one sheet.

  • New Charlottenburg Opera House in the Kaiserdamm'
  • 'Berlin' [map as T-GED 22/1/1014 [second map]]
  • The Brandenburg Gate from Unter den Linden'
  • 'Scheme of Professors Brix and Genzmer and the Hochbahn-Gesellschaft: Improvement of the Königsplatz.'
  • 'Scheme of Professors Brix and Genzmer and the Hochbahn-Gesellschaft: Main Street approaching Railway Station.'
  • 'New Guard House next to Zeughaus.'; 'The Old Museum from the Lustgarten.'; 'The Royal Theatre and New Church in the Gendarmenmarkt.'
  • The Kurfürstenbrücke and Statue of The Great Elector by Schlüter'; 'The Zeughaus or Arsenal by Nehring'
  • 'Plan of Berlin and Cölln dated 1648'
  • 'Berlin under Frederick William 1,1733 [... ]'
  • 'Projekt für den Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin von Bourdet'
  • 'New Flats in the Kaiserdamm'; 'Example of the vertical treatment [of facades] on Unter den Linden'; 'Police Office Charlottenburg, on the Kaiserdamm'; 'AdmiralstraBe Cafe'
  • 'The Anhalt Station and Königgrätzer StraBe'; 'The Overhead descending underground near Nollendorf Platz'; 'The Overhead looking across the Belle Alliance Platz'
  • 'Berlin Plan in 1856'
  • 'Perspective 1688 by Johan Bernhard Schultz [... ]'; 'Schlüter's scheme for the Schloss Platz'
  • 'Proposed site for Berlin University'
  • 'Jansen's scheme [for the 1910 greater Berlin Competition]'
  • 'Main traffic Routes'; 'Schematic Traffic Diagram'
  • 'Apartment House in the Kaiserdamm'; 'Carpet shop at the corner Unter den Linden and the Charlottenstraße'; 'Schulte's art shop, near Pariser Platz'
  • 'Wertheim's store in the Leipziger Platz'; 'Lepke's auction markt in the Potsdamer StraBe'
  • [untitled scheme for Opern Platz]
  • 'Jansen's Scheme: Suggested Embankment'
  • 'The Victory Monument'
  • 'The Greater Berlin competition (Prof. Rud. Eberstadt)'
  • 'Scheme of Professors Brix and Genzmer [... ] Connecting principal lines of traffic.'
  • 'New Civic Centre in Old Berlin (Prof. Bruno Schmitz)'; 'Avenue connection Railway Station with prominent Point of Street Traffic (Prof. Bruno Schmitz)'
  • 'Buildings occupied by Town Planning Exhibition, Berlin.'
  • 'Sieges Allee, Berlin'; 'From Mr. Mawson's "Civic Art'''
  • 'Alt Karslruhe and Friedrich Weinbrenner'
  • 'Kaiser Wilhelm I Monument'
  • The Königsplatz showing suggested Opera House and War Ministry opposite the Parliament Building'; 'Two sites for the Opera [...]'; 'Site for the Opera on Pariserplatz [sic]'
  • 'Klosterstraße'
  • 'Charlottenburg near Berlin: The new Lietzensee Quarter'
  • 'New parallel street most congested point of traffic Prof. Möhring'

Various authors.

'Cities Exhibition No 255 lent by Architects' War Committee [crossed out]'

Genzmer, Felix, b. 1856, architect

Berlin and Cologne

Four reproductions of photographs of monuments at Berlin and Cologne and two reproductions of a plan for the Greater Berlin Competition, mounted on one sheet.

  • 'At Cologne'; [unidentified monument]
  • [Monument and a fountain]; 'By Professor Hugo Lederer, Berlin'
  • 'Berlin: A Plan from the Design by Messrs. Schmitz, Havestadt, Contag and Blum'; [Greater Berlin Competition]; 'Design for a fountain for the German colony in Buenos Aires'; 'By Professor Franz Metzner, Berlin'; [a competition for a Monument-Fountain in Buenos Aires was held in c.1914]
  • 'Sieges Allee, Berlin'
  • 'Improvement of the Königsplatz, Berlin.'; 'Scheme of Professors Brix & Genzmer'; [Greater Berlin Competition]
  • 'Scheme of Messrs Havestadt, Contag, Blum and Schmitz: System of organising local and long-distance Traffic.'; [Greater Berlin Competition]

Various authors; anon.

Lederer, Hugo, b. 1871, sculptor

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