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Europe: Regional Maps
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Europe: Regional Maps

  • GB 249 T-GED/22/1
  • Series
  • c. 1635 - after 1914

Regional maps of Europe.

This series is part of Patrick Geddes’ large collection of maps, plans, photographs, prints and drawings of countries and regions around the world. Much of this collection was part of Geddes' Cities and Town Planning Exhibition.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

Map of Belgium

'Carte Particulaire des Environs de Bruges, Ostende, Damme, I'Ecluse et autres.' (900)
'Se vend chez Cóvens et Mortier, A Amsterdam sur la copie de Bruxelles chez Eugene Henry Friex nouvellement corrigée'
'Carte Particulaire des Environs d'Anvers, Gand, Huist, et de tout le Pays de Waes, et le Marquisat du St. Empire.'
'Se vend A Amsterdam chez Cóvens et Mortier'
Incomplete, sheet 6 missing

Map of Belgium

'Carte Particulaire des Environs de Lier et d'une Partie de la Camprine.' (901)
'Se vend A Amsterdam chez Cóvens et Mortier sur la copie de Bruxelles par E. H. Friex'
'Carte Particulaire des Environs de Roermonde, Venlo, Le Marais de Peel'
'Se vend A Amsterdam chez Cóvens et Mortier sur la copie de Bruxelles par E. H. Friex'

Map of central Europe

'Nouvelle Carte de I'Europe Centrale'
'A. Taride'

Scale: 1 : 4,200,000

Two insets: 'Asie Mineure Égypte, Arabie etc.'; [Scandinavia and Russia]

Map of Europe

'Carte Particulaire d'une Partie Angleterre, Se Vend. A Amsterdam.' (899)
'Corrigée d'un Grand nombre de Fautes, sur la Copie de Bruxelles Chez Eugene Henry Friex.'
'Cette Carte contient 24 feuilles et se trouvent chez I. Cóvens et C. Mortier'

Incomplete, sheets 2 and 5 missing

Map of the northern parts of France and Belgium.
Incomplete, sheet 5 (title) missing.

Map of the River Danube, comprising two sheets, mounted together on one backing

'Danubius, Fluvius Europae Maximus, A Fontibus Ad Ostia, Cum omnibus Fluminibus, ab utroque latere, in ilium defluentibus.'


Scale: 7 cm to 20 German miles

[Title cartouche with allegories of Christian and Muslim sides of the Danube, embellishment with water deities and river gods in bottom left corner.]

[Probably from William Blaeu, 'Novus Atlas [... ]' (Amsterdam: Guiljelmo Blaue, 1635 and later) (Koeman, 1, p. 102, BI9, No. 219)]

Three fold out maps of Europe, each comprising eight sheets, mounted on linen backing

Each map divided in two halves (four sheets each) with individual titles.
Sheets are counted from top to bottom, left half before right half.

Jean Cóvens and C[orneille] Mortier after Eugene Henri Fricx.

Scale: 2 inches to 1 Brabant league

'Cities Exhibition' [number in ( ) after titles].

From Cóvens and Mortier, 'Atlas de Pays Bas. Sur la Copie de Bruxelles par E. H. Fricx' (1745), map 1, [2], 3-6 (Koeman, 2, 1969, p. 84, C&M 17).