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Canada: Individual Towns, Cities, Regions etc.
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'Calgary - A Preliminary Scheme for Controlling the Economic Growth of the City'

Two sheets with maps, plans, perspective views and diagrams.

Anon. [Thomas Hayton Mawson]

Various scales.

[Cities Exhibition]

From Thomas H. Mawson, Calgary - 'A Preliminary Scheme for Controlling the Economic Growth of the City' (Calgary, 1914).

Canada: Individual Towns, Cities, Regions etc.

  • GB 249 T-GED/22/1
  • Series
  • [1850 - 1916], no date

Maps, plans, photographs and illustrations of individual towns, cities and regions in Canada.

This series is part of Patrick Geddes’ large collection of maps, plans, photographs, prints and drawings of countries and regions around the world. Much of this collection was part of Geddes' Cities and Town Planning Exhibition.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner


View and plan of a proposed garden suburb at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Various authors after Raymond Unwin.

Unwin, Sir Raymond, 1863-1940, Knight, architect and town planner


Roll illustration showing courses of Niagara River, Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River between Niagara and Quebec.

'Drawn by Alfred R. Waud, Boston'
'Eng[rave]d by John Andrew, Boston'

John Andrew after Alfred R[ ] Waud.

Andrew, John, 1815-1870, woodcutter and engraver


Map of the city, river and the falls.


Scale unspecified.

'Erhard Fréres Épreuve 22. Nov. 89' endorsed with a stamp.

Annotated in French in manuscript in ink by Elisée Reclus [see T-GED 22/1/695.1- .3]

Nine plans and views, mounted on one sheet

-'Calgary's Bluffs, which surround the City on all sides.'
-'Drawing No [ ]' [housing proposals]
-'One of Calgary's Beauty Spots we propose to preserve.'
-'Detail of Civic Centre' [plan]
-'General Plan'
-'Detail plan shewing arrangement of workmen's area in East Portion of Connaught Area'
-'The C. P. R. Station Plaza'
-'Frontispiece: The Civic Centre as it may appear many years hence'
-'The Market Place'

Mawson, Thomas Hayton, 1861-1933, landscape architect


'The Border Park Ottawa'
Six plans plus photographs of the Border Park Ottawa, mounted on one sheet.

  • 'Frontispiece: The Country Club with its Golf Course is seen in the foreground, with the boat and landing beyond'
  • 'Border Park Ottawa Report on the development of the Estate for the Great Eastern Realty Company, Thomas H. Mawson & Sons [... ]' [title page]
  • 'Fig. 21 The Business Centre [... ]'
  • 'Fig. 14 Where the Bathing-Place is to be formed [...]'
  • 'The Border Park Estate near Ottawa For the Great Eastern Realty Company' [plan]
  • 'Fig. 13 Showing the Timber to be preserved [...]'

'Thomas Hayton Mawson & Sons'

[Cities Exhibition]

Mawson, Thomas Hayton, 1861-1933, landscape architect

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