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British Isles: England: Miscellanea
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British Isles: England: Miscellanea

  • GB 249 T-GED/22/1
  • Series
  • 1888 - 1913, no date

Illustrations, maps and plans of miscellaneous buildings and places in England.

This series is part of Patrick Geddes’ large collection of maps, plans, photographs, prints and drawings of countries and regions around the world. Much of this collection was part of Geddes' Cities and Town Planning Exhibition.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

Seven sheets with views and plans of new college and university buildings chiefly in England, Wales, and Scotland, but also in USA, Europe, and South Africa

From unidentified publications.

Various architects:

[Aston Webb (1849-1930) and E. Ingress Bell (1837-1914), architects; Frank Loughborough Pearson (1864-1947), architect; George Hastwell Grayson (1871-1951), architect; Charles James Blomfield (1862-1932), architect; Arnold Mitchell (1863-1944), architect; John Bilson (?-?), architect and archaeologist; Temple Lushington Moore (1856-1920), architect; William Henry Knowles (1858-1943), architect; Paul Waterhouse (1861-1924), architect; Leonard Aloysius Scott Stokes (1858-1925), architect; Edward Mitchell Gibbs (1874-1935), architect in partnership with T. J. Flockton; Henry T. Hare (1860-1921), architect; Arnold Thornely (1870-1953), architect, built in 1913 Liverpool University Faculty of Arts together with Briggs, Wolstenholme and F. W. Simon; William Douglas Caröe (1857-1938), architect; Henry Percy Adams (?-?) architect; Charles Henry Holden (1875-1960), architect; Ernest George (1839-1922) architect, sometime in partnership with Alfred Yeates; Reginald Blomfield (1856-1942), architect; Andrew Noble Prentice (1866-1941), architect; Eustace Carrie Frere (1863-1944), architect; Thomas Manly Deane (1851-?), Irish architect; Alexander Marshall Mackenzie (1848-1933), Scottish architect; James McLellan Fairley (?-?), Scottish architect; John James Burnet (1857-1938), architect; Alfred William Stephens Cross (1858-1932), architect; Basil Champneys (1824-1935), architect; Edward Prioleau Warren (1856-1937), architect.]

Seven views and plans of Roman towns in England mounted on one sheet

  • 'Old Rochester Bridge, which lasted until 1856.'
  • 'Detailed Plan of Part of Silchester.'
  • 'Venta Silurum (Caerwent) from a plan by Mr. F. King, Architect to the Excavations.'
  • 'West View of the City of Rochester'; 'G. F. Robson del.'; 'W. Smith fc.'
  • [Unidentified Roman fort]
  • [Map of Chester]
  • 'An Accurate Plan of the City of Bath for May 1776'


Twelve illustrations mounted on one sheet

  • 'Patton Hall, Brokaw Field Dormitory Group, Princeton University, Benjamin W. Morris, Architect.' (2)
  • 'Design for University College, Transvaal, Ernest J. Wellman, Architect.'
  • 'University of the Cape of Good Hope, Hawke and McKinley, Architects.' (2)
  • 'New Buildings for the Royal Academy of Fine Art, Stockholm, E. Lallerstedt, Architect.' (2)
  • 'Gymnasium, Stanford University, California Chas. Ed. Hodges, Resident Architect.' (2)
  • 'Colgate University, Hamilton, N[ew] Y[ork], Edward L. Tilton, Architect.'
  • 'Competition Design for University of Cape Town, Hubert C. Corlette (Nicholson and Corlette), Architect.'
  • 'Paranymphe, Barcelona University, Elias Rogent, Architect.'

Twelve illustrations mounted on one sheet

  • 'Hall of Residence, University College, Reading, Charles S. Smith, Architect.' (2)
  • 'Armstrong College, Newcastle upon Tyne, College Gate and Art Department, W. H. Knowles, Architect.'
  • 'New Building for the Faculty of Arts, Liverpool University, Briggs, Wolstenholm, Thornely and F.W. Simon, Architects.' (3)
  • 'Extension of Engineering Laboratory, University of Liverpool, Briggs, Wolstenholm, and Thornely, Architects.' (2)
  • 'University and Day Training Colleges, Exeter, C. J. Tait, Architect' (2)
  • 'Wantage Hall, University College, Reading, Interior, Great Hall, C. Steward Smith, Architect.'
  • 'Competition Design, City of Liverpool, Extension of Museum, School of Science, &c. W. D. Caröe, Architect.'

Twelve illustrations mounted on one sheet

  • 'Royal College of Science and Government Offices, Dublin, Proposed New Buildings, Merrion Street, Aston Webb and T. M. Deane, Architects.' (4)
  • 'New Building, Marischal College, University of Aberdeen, A. Marshall Mackenzie, Architect.'
  • 'Edinburgh University, The John Usher Institute of Public Health, Leadbetter and Fairly, Architects.'
  • 'Botanical Buildings, Glasgow University, John Burnet and Son, Architects.' (2)
  • 'University College of N.[orth] Wales, Bangor, H. T. Hare, Architect.'
  • 'University of South Wales and Monmouthshire, Principal Entrance, William D. Caröe, Architect.'
  • 'University of South Wales and Monmouthshire : Memorial Research Laboratory, William D. Caröe, Architect.'
  • 'Laboratories at Aberystwyth, Alfred W. S. Cross, Architect.'

Twelve illustrations mounted on one sheet

  • 'The Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Aston Webb, Architect.' (3)
  • 'Additions to Radley College, Berkshire, A.H. Ryan-Tenison, Architect.'
  • 'Trinity College, Glenalmond, South African Memorial Library, Andrew G. Heiton, Architect.'
  • 'Memorial Gateway and Armoury, Winchester College, Frank L. Pearson, Architect.'
  • 'New Dining Hall, St. Aidan's College, Birkenhead, Hastwell Grayson, Architect.' (2)
  • 'Bradfield College, Berks[hire], Science Laboratories, Charles S. Smith, Architect.'
  • 'Wellington College, New Dining Hall, Etc., Berks[hire], Charles J. Blomfield, Architect.'
  • 'University College School, Frognal, Hampstead, Arnold Mitchell, Architect.'
  • 'Hymers College and New Science Building, Hull, John Bilson, Architect.'

Twelve illustrations mounted on one sheet

  • Hostel of the Resurrection, Leeds, Temple Moore, Architect.'
  • 'Principal Entrance, University of Birmingham, Aston Webb and E. Ingress Bell, Architects.'
  • 'Armstrong College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, W. H. Knowles, Architect.' (2)
  • 'Art Schools, Manchester University, Paul Waterhouse, Architect.'
  • 'The Western Theological College, Bristol, H. Dare Bryan, Architect.'(3)
  • 'St. Mary's Training College, Newcastle, Leonard Stokes, Architect.'
  • 'King Edward VII School of Art, Armstrong College, Newcastle'
  • 'University College, Sheffield, Gibbs and Flockton, Architects.'
  • 'Pritchard Jones Hall, North Wales University, Henry T. Hare, Architect.'

Twelve illustrations mounted on one sheet

  • 'Royal College of Science, Imperial Institute Road, South Kensington, [London], Aston Webb, Architect.'
  • 'University of London: King's College for Women, H. Percy Adams & Charles Holden, Architects.' (4)
  • 'Royal Academy of Music, Marylebone Road, Ernest George, A. and A. B. Yeates, Architects.'
  • 'Goldsmith's College, New Cross, Reginald Blomfield, Architect.'
  • 'Design for a Conservatoir for Music, Douglas N. Martin, Architect.' (2)
  • 'New Examination Hall for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Queen Square, W.C., A. N. Prentice, Architect.'
  • 'Royal College of Surgeons of England, Extension of premises, Lincoln's Inn Fields, [London], Eustace C. Frere, Architect.'
  • 'The Great Corridor, Queen's College, Harley Street, [London], Percy E. Newton.'

Twelve illustrations mounted on one sheet

  • 'Merton College,[Oxford], New Addition, Basil Champneys, Architect.' (2)
  • 'The Warden House, Merton College, Oxford, Basil Champneys, Architect.'
  • 'University College, Oxford, H. W. Moore, Architect.'
  • 'Balliol College, Oxford, New Building, Edward P. Warren, Architect.'
  • 'Oriel College, Oxford High Street, Basil Champneys, Architect.'
  • 'University of Oxford, Chemical Laboratory, Paul Waterhouse, Architect.'
  • 'Design for Ruskin College, Oxford, C. Steward Smith, Architect.'
  • 'Robinson Memorial Tower and New Buildings, New College, Oxford, Holywell Street Front, Basil Champneys, Architect.'
  • 'India Institute, [Oxford], Holywell Street Front, Basil Champneys, Architect.'
  • 'St. Patrick's Hall, Residence for Men Students, University College Reading, Charles S. Smith, Architect.'
  • 'St. Andrew's Hall, a Residence for Women Students at University College Reading, Charles Smith and Son, Architects.'
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