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British Isles: England: General
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British Isles: England: General

  • GB 249 T-GED/22/1
  • Series
  • [1751] - c.1910; no date

General maps and illustrations of England.

This series is part of Patrick Geddes’ large collection of maps, plans, photographs, prints and drawings of countries and regions around the world. Much of this collection was part of Geddes' Cities and Town Planning Exhibition.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner


Two editions of a geological map of England and Wales.

'Geological map of England and Wales'

Roderick Impey Murchison.

Scale unspecified.


Strip blank map of outline of the coast of South East England and opposite continental coast.
Scale unspecified.


Slide showing two cross sections through England.

  • 'Section across Northern England'
  • 'Section across Southern England'


'15' endorsed in manuscript in ink on top seal.

[Cities Committee, War and Peace, no. 15]

'[ ] [ ]. endorsed in manuscript in pencil on seal.


'Isles Britanniques. Troisieme Carte. Angleterre'
'P. F. Tardieu sculp.'
'André scrip.'

Scale: 3 1/2 inches to 12 miles

Tardieu, Pierre Antoine, 1784-1869, map and chart engraver


'A Correct Chart of the English Channel from the No. Foreland to the Lands End on the Coast of England, and from Calais to Brest on the Coast of France: From the latest & best Observations.'
'For Mr. Tindal's Continuation of Mr. Rapin's History.'
'R. W. Seale del. et sculp'

Scale unspecified.

Four insets: 'Isles of Sicilly.'; 'Falmouth Haven.'; 'Plymouth Sound.'; 'Isle of Wight and ye Adjacent Harbours.'

From Plates for Tindal's Continuation 1751', plate 68.

Seale, Richard William, fl. 1732-1755, cartographer and engraver

England and Wales

'Tourist’s Map of England & Wales, Reduced from the Ordinance Survey by John Bartholomew [...]'
'The Edinburgh Geographical Institute'
'Copyright John Bartholomew & Co.'


Scale: 1 inch to 10 miles

  1. 'Bartholomew's Tourist Map of England & Wales- Northern Section'

  2. 'Bartholomew's Tourist Map of England & Wales- Southern Section'

England and Wales

Two copies of the same map.

'Orographical Map of England and Wales'
'B. B. Dickinson'

Scale: 1 inch to 40 miles

Endorsed 'The "Diagram" Hand-Map'.

  1. 'Distribution of Dolmens indicated by cross-hatching' title added in manuscript in ink.

  2. As above, but shaded as to indicate degrees of difficulties in landuse.

England and Wales

One map and several city views, mounted together as one item.

  • 'A new map of England & Wales; with the Roads & Distances between Town & Town, from the Latest & Best Surveys describing the Cities, Boroughs & Market-Towns, in each County & their distances from London'; 'London, publish[e]d June 18th, 1798 by J. Evans No. 42 Long Lane, West Smithfield'; John Evans; scale unspecified; 1798; black and white, some colour, water colour on paper; engraving; 48.5 x 55.5 cm on [ ] x 67.3 cm sheet

  • Two sheets with city views pasted along left and right margin of above map, both sheets formed originally one item; left margin: 'Perspective Views of The [ ]', 'London', 'Bristol', 'Newcastle', 'Hull'; right margin: '[ ] Principal Sea Ports in England', 'Liverpool', 'Yarmouth', 'Portsmouth', 'Plymouth'; anon.; no date; black and white; 22 x 11 cm each

Map derived from John Adams's Distance Map of 1677.

Evans, John, 1767-1827, publisher

England and Wales

Three versions of the same map.

'England and Wales'
'W. & A.K. Johnston.'


Scale: 1 to 30 miles

  1. 'England and Wales'
    'Engraved & printed in colours by W. & A.K. Johnston, Edinburgh & London'

  2. 'England and Wales'
    [Blank version]

  3. 'England and Wales'
    [Blank version but centres of population plotted]

W. & A.K. Johnston Limited, geographical and educational printers and publishers

England and Wales

'W & A.K. Johnston’s “Three Miles to Inch Map of England and Wales”'
'Engraved & printed by W. & A.K Johnston, Edinburgh & London'

Scale: 1 inch to 3 miles

  1. 'Sheet [ ]'
    [Cumberland, Westmoreland]

  2. 'Sheet 20'
    [East Anglia and Kent]

  3. 'Sheet 24'
    [Isle of Wight]

W. & A.K. Johnston Limited, geographical and educational printers and publishers

England and Wales

'Smith’s Railway Map of England & Wales, containing the whole of the Turnpike Roads, Railways & Canals with the distance from London to every Principal Town, and from one Market Town to Another'
'Pickett sculp.'
'London: C. Smith & Son [...] 1845'

Scale: 4 1/4 inches to 60 miles

England and Wales

'Grossbritannien […] südliches Blatt: England (ohne die nördlichen Grafschaften) u. Wales.'
'Von A. Petermann'
'Bearb. von Ernst Debes'
'Gest. v. Poppey u. Jungmann'

[ ] Poppey and [ ] Jungmann after Ernst Debbes and A[ ] Petermann.

Scale: 2 7/8 inches to 60 miles

From Stieler's Hand-Atlas (Gotha: Justus Perthes, 1874), No 46'

Some annotations in manuscript in pencil in margins.

England and Wales

Five maps of England and Wales.
'England and Wales'
'John Bartholomew & Co., Edin[bu]r[gh]'


Scale: 1 cm to 4 miles

From an unidentified publication [page numbers in ( ) after title.

  1. '(Section 1)' (pp. 11-12)
    Inset: 'Isle of Man', [Newcastle and environs]; [Manchester and environs]

  2. '(Section 2)' (pp. 13-44)

  3. '(Section 3)' (pp. 15-16)
    Inset: [London]

  4. '(Section 4)' (pp. 17-18)
    Inset: [Birmingham]

  5. '(Section 5)' (pp. 19-20)
    Inset: [Liverpool and River Mersey]

England, Wales and Scotland

'Density of Population Maps'
Three maps printed on one sheet.

  • 'General Density of Population'
  • 'Agricultural population'
  • 'Industrial and Commercial Population'

Last two maps only England and Wales.

'Compiled by F. Bosse.'
'The Edinburgh Geographical Institute'
'Copyright - John Bartholomew & Co.'

Scale: 1 inch to 27 miles

Inset: 'Diagram showing growth of population in England and Wales during the nineteenth century'

From 'Atlas of England and Wales' (plate VIII)

Map 'General Density of Population' used as Fig. 10 in Geddes, Cities in Evolution, p. 23.

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