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British Isles: General
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'British Isles'

Same as GB 249 T-GED 22/1/British Isles General/125/2 (see Related descriptions below) but population centres plotted.

Scale: 1 1/4 inches to 100 miles

British Isles and London

Two maps showing population density, mounted on one sheet.

  • The British Isles; 3 cm to 100 miles
  • London; 3 cm to 100 miles

'The Edinburgh Geographical Institute'
'John Bartholomew'


Various scales.

British Isles: General

  • GB 249 T-GED/22/1
  • Series
  • 1844 - [1912]; no date

General maps of the British Isles.

This series is part of Patrick Geddes’ large collection of maps, plans, photographs, prints and drawings of countries and regions around the world. Much of this collection was part of Geddes' Cities and Town Planning Exhibition.

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Knight, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner

'Murray’s Handy Classical Maps - Britannia'

'J.G. Bartholomew, revised by F. Haverfield'

F[ ] Haverfield after J[ ] G[ ] Bartholomew.

Scale: 2 5/8 inches to 30 English miles

Inset: 'Map of the Roman Wall'

Additional label pasted on map: 'Map showing Roman Roads'

Endorsed with further geographical information in manuscript in ink.

[Map part of a booklet, edited by G.B. Grundy, published by John Murray, London, containing index to Roman towns and places in Latin and English.]

Bartholomew, John George, 1860-1920, geographer and cartographer

'Roman Britain'

Two copies of the same map.


Scale unspecified.

  1. 'Roman Britain'

  2. 'Roman Britain'
    This copy includes a key regarding symbols for roads, towns, walks, etc.

'The British Isles'

'J & C Walker Sculpt'
'Published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge'

Scale unspecified.

[Society for the Diffusion [...] : Maps of the Society for the Diffusion [...] (London : 1830-1844) (Library of Congress, Atlases, No. 794)]

The British Isles

Four sheets with maps of the British Isles.

'The Edinburgh Geographical Institute'
'John Bartholomew & Son Ltd'
'John Bartholomew & Co'


Various scales.

From an unidentified publication [page numbers in ( ) after title].

'The Newspaper Map of the United Kingdom'

Two copies of the same map.

'Designed by C. Mitchell & Co. as a "Comp. to the Newspaper Press Directory"'
'Published by C. Mitchell & Co. [...]'
'Printed by Vincent Brooks [...]'


Scale unspecified.

Insets: 'Orkney Islands'; 'Ireland'; 'Part of Yorkshire & Lancashire England'; 'London'; 'The Channel Islands'.

  1. 'The Newspaper Map of the United Kingdom'

  2. 'The Newspaper Map of the United Kingdom'

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