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Patrick Geddes papers
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Letter from Arthur E. Pratt (former resident of University Hall), Orpington, Kent, to Patrick Geddes

Reference to Pratt's work in 'giving to the world ships without boilers, funnels, smoke or vibration which will travel twice the distance for a quarter of the cost of the best modern vessels'. Pratt describes it as 'bringing about the Neotechnic Age'. Asks Patrick Geddes to act as a character referee for him.

Letter from Victor V. Branford, London, to Patrick Geddes

With reference to [Cities and Town Planning] Exhibition and to the financing of U[niversity] & C[ity] A[ssociation] in London. Branford gives various names of people who may be of some aid and to the possibility of a Civics Department in [ ] University.

Branford, Victor Verasis, 1863-1930, sociologist

Letter from Arthur G. Meeze, Painswick, Gloucestershire, to Patrick Geddes

Introducing Captain J. White to Patrick Geddes, White being the son of Sir George White, 'hero of Ladysmith'. Meeze considers White to be perfect example for Eugenic study, being a product of military and spiritual elements. Reference to H. Atkinson as mutual acquaintance.

Also enclosed, a letter from White to Meeze on his desire to become involved with 'social work' under Patrick Geddes.

Letter from John Ross, Crosby Hall, Chelsea, to F.C. Mears

Business concerning the Cities and Town Planning Exhibition. Mention of Patrick Geddes, the National Society's Depository for books, Sir Harry Johnston's 'Africa' and [ ] Penstone's Town Study'.

Ross, John, fl. 1895 - 1932, chartered accountant

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