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Jaqueline Tyrwhitt papers
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'An Evolutionist's Garden' by [Patrick Geddes]

Relating to various theories of evolution, and botany. Mention of Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell, Goethe, De Vries, Malthus, Wallace, Huxley, Mendel, Weismann, Linnaeus, De Candolle.
Typescript with manuscript annotations.

'Civics: As Applied Sociology' by Patrick Geddes

Read before the Sociological Society, School of Economics and Political Science, University of London, 18 July [1904]. Reprinted from unidentified journal, pp. 103-120.

'Written Communications' from [ ] Baldwin Brown, Walter Crane, J.H. Harley,
T.C. Horsfall, H. Osman Newland, G. Bisset-Smith, W.I. Thomas, pp. 130-136. 'Professor Geddes' Reply', pp. 136-138.
'Press Comments' from The Times, J.H. Bridges in The Positivist Review and Israel Zangwill in To-Day. pp. 143-144.

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