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Williamson, James Montgomery, 1899-1966, chemist and druggist

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  • 1899-1966

James Montgomery Williamson was born on 5 November 1899 in Falkirk to Andrew Williamson, an engineer, and Catherine Miller. He was a member of the Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) and operated as a chemist and druggist from premises at 660 Govan Road, Glasgow. He and his wife, Janet, lived at 64 Butterburn Park, Hamilton. He died at Stonehouse Hospital in Lanarkshire on 14 May 1966.

Hutchin, Llewellyn Albert James, d 1937, pharmacist

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  • d 1937

Llewellyn A.J. Hutchin was a pharmacist in Loughton, Essex. He was a member of Loughton Union Baptist Church, where he served for 36 years as deacon and was elected an elder in 1935.

Macfarlane, James Ronald, b. 1904, chemist

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  • b. 1904

James Ronald Macfarlane was born on 11 June 1904. He was a day student at the Royal Technical College of Glasgow (RTC) from session 1923-1924 to session 1926-1927, qualifying for the Diploma in Chemical Science in 1927. Under a scheme of affiliation between the RTC and the University of Glasgow, students who wished to obtain a degree in pure science or engineering could matriculate at and graduate from the University of Glasgow. Macfarlane took advantage of this to graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry on 1 July 1927, having completed the majority of the qualifying classes at the RTC. He gained the Associateship of the Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain and Ireland (AIC) in 1928 and became Representative in Scotland for Rigby Battcock Ltd, London, brush manufacturers.

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